First Look at the $5000 Muse Hobby Laser Cutter слушать, смотреть, скачать - бесплатно

We check out the Muse, Full Spectrum's hobby-class laser cutter priced at $5000. It's a 45 watt CO2 laser that aims to compete with other emerging hobby cutters made to run in the home garage or workshop. We learn about the features, interface, and expected usage lifespan of this laser cutter that's shipping today. Find out more about the Muse here: Shot by Joey Fameli and edited by Norman Chan Subscribe for more videos! Follow us on Twitter: Get updates on Facebook: Tested is: Adam Savage Norman Chan Simone Giertz Joey Fameli Adam Isaak Kishore Hari Frank Ippolito Sean Charlesworth Jeremy Williams Thanks for watching!

Date: 11.01.2017

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